Residual barrier technology...
the first line of defence

RBT247 is the ultimate first line of defence against surface contamination. RBT247 is an Algae killer and also protects against the micro-organisms that create a plethora of surface problems leading to fungal growth, slime and corrosion. It is also highly effective against 99.999% of the dangerous microbes that transmit disease and infections.

An Effective Algae Killing Solution

RBT247 is deadly to microbes but is perfectly safe for humans and animals. It is non-hazardous to users and has been assessed by the Environmental Agency. However, the microbial biofilm eliminates the persistent problems associated with algal growth across a huge range of applications in various sectors, continuing to work for weeks or months after application.

Certified by the major Health & Safety authorities, successfully trialled and tested, RBT247 is now available for all major commercial, domestic and public environments.

Our site will guide you through how and where RBT247 works. If you want to protect your family at home, workforce in the office or students on the sports pitch, you need RBT247.

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